LOS ⏅LMENDROSW e l c o m e ⍛ t o ⍛ S a y u l i t a ' s ⍛ s e c r e t e ⍛ o a s i s . . .

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Rating : 4.5

Venture into this vibrant and peaceful property... Los Almendros is neatly tucked in Sayulita's lush tropical surroundings making this the perfect HOME away from HOME


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In one sentence... We are a unique Oasis in bustling Sayulita

LOCATION ❒ Nestled at the beginning of the quiet & clean North End Neighborhood (closest to town), only a short (7 block) leveled stroll from town (no hills). Los Almendros is close to restaurants and stores, yet peacefully tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town.

STAFF ❒ Responsive On Site staff that can help with any issues you could encounter. Front desk Receptionist (9:30am- 6:30pm), Caretaker (8am to 6pm), Night Guard (7pm to 7am) and Property Manager for emergencies available always. This is not something a lot of condominiums offer but we specialize in this. Its a family run business for over 15 years.

FULLY EQUIPPED APARTMENTS in MINT CONDITION ❒ Offering bright, modern and neat 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Villas, including Stunning Penthouses, with private roof terraces, outdoor jacuzzis, and gorgeous ocean views. All our villas are FULLY furnished and colorfully decorated with A/C and individual washer/dryers in each unit as well as Wi-Fi. Its essentially like having your own apartment but with a lot of the services a hotel offers.

BEACHCLUB ACCESS ❒ We have an agreement with Frente Al Punto for all guests of Almendros to receive their first drink for free with any food order. Also guest can use beach chairs and umbrellas with any food order as well.

ELEVATORS ❒ Each three story building has its own elevator for easy access to all floors.

AMAZING POOL ❒ One of Sayulita’s largest and most blissful pools, which can be heated or cooled depending on the season. We have a Kids Pool, a Circular Jetted Sitting Area and a long Wet Bed area.

EXPANSIVE COMMON AREA ❒ This area is truly large, plenty of space for all our guests to lounge around enjoy the pool and the sun. A large palapa covered space with beautiful Mexican furniture to sit and read a book. As well as a BBQ/Eating area.

DAILY MAID SERVICE ❒ Included in the rate (except for Sundays and Holidays)

FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT ❒ Quiet Family Oriented Setting, Los Almendros is a place to relax and be at peace. We value this a lot and for this we implement strict noise regulations.

CLOSE TO THE BEACH ❒ The beach is only 3 blocks away and is very easy to get to. This part of Sayulita's beach is equally as convenient as Our Location. Clean, rock less, swimmable and not crowded, its close enough to walk into the Main Beach (in town) yet far away enough to have your own space.

AMAZING RATES!!! ❒ Great for families on a budget or anyone looking for a price conscious rate. Los Almendros is "Affordable Luxury". Beautiful, clean and modern 2 bedrooms 2 Bathroom Villas for up to 5 people for as little as 165 per night (low season) or $235 (high Season)

LOOKING FOR A 1 BEDROOM?? ❒ We also offer a two-person occupancy rate on all our villas, please look for PROMO CODE under PROMOS

REVIEWS ❒ We have over 350 high rated amazing reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook and Air bnb!


You may have read about the neuro-virus outbreak that is currently happening in many parts of the world—the Pacific Northwest, Europe, parts of Mexico, including the Bay of Banderas area, and elsewhere.

This is to let you know we are well aware of it, and are taking every single precaution against it. Because it is a contagious 24/48 hour stomach virus, we are very cautious about it, and thoroughly disinfect every apartment with clorox/bleach before a new renter arrives.

You should know that NOT ALL visitors in Sayulita get sick. Contrary to what you might have read, there are many happy visitors in Sayulita that have a beautiful vacation, but upon saying this there are some necessary precautions that should be taken into consideration.

Last Updated:

Fri Mar 29 2019

We have created this page for travelers to find current information regarding health, travel safety, and infrastructure upgrades in Sayulita. We understand there is a lot of concern over the "Sayulita sickness" and norovirus in Sayulita. Reading the travel forums is quite alarming and although the majority of people who visit Sayulita do not get sick, there are a number of people, especially groups, who have fallen ill while on vacation. It is important to note there has been no source found for the illness, there is no doctor diagnosed correlation with swimming and viral illness. The following information has been gathered from multiple sources and we hope it will help visitors to stay informed, enjoy their vacation and avoid getting sick.

Health: Norovirus in SayulitaEach winter we see an influx of norovirus cases, typically between the months of November and April. This coincides with flu and virus season in the US, Canada and other parts of the world. Norovirus is not a Sayulita specific illness, you can get it anywhere, in schools, day care and elder care facilities, cruise ships, etc, The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports on average, 20 million Americans contract norovirus each year. There is a lot of speculation, but nobody knows why norovirus is occurring in the winter months and does not seem to be an issue in the summer even though summer tourism is at an all time high.

Facts to note about norovirus:Norovirus (also called the stomach vomiting bug) is highly contagious and is often misdiagnosed as food poisoning. In addition to person to person spread, it can survive on hard surfaces for weeks and up to twelve days on contaminated fabrics. 61% of cases are transmitted by touching an infected surface. It can be resistant to hand sanitizer. People can still be contagious and spread norovirus for up to three days after symptoms subside, and in some cases up to two weeks. See this fact sheet from LA County. Please note that this is a virus, and there is no treatment other than rest and fluids. Antibiotics cannot "cure" norovirus.

The entire town has been on board with trying to raise awareness and to prevent the spread of illness. Laminated flyers were created and available at no charge for every Sayulita business or vacation rental to post for their cleaning staff, with instructions how to clean with a bleach solution in order to kill norovirus and other seasonal germs.Click here for English version for Vacation rental cleaning staffCllick here for Spanish version for Vacation rental cleaning staffClick here for English version for Business OwnersClick here for Spanish version for Business Owners

As of March 23, 2019, ProSayulita is power washing the streets with chlorinated water. Please donate if you are able.

What can you do to avoid illness or if someone in your party falls ill:

Wash hands very frequently with soap and water each time you use the bathroom, after every diaper change, before eating and preparing food, and immediately upon returning to your rental after being out and about, touching things in town.. Soak fruits and vegetables in Microdyn (available at all of the local stores) before eating, thoroughly cook all shellfish. Freezing does not kill the virus, it must be cooked to 140 degrees Fahrenheit 60 degrees Celsius.. Wipe down high touch surfaces with a bleach solution (toilet and faucet handles, light switches, doorknobs, stair rails, etc.). Isolate the sick person, even when feeling better, people can still be contagious and should not prepare food for others.. Notify the property manager or housekeeping staff if you need new linens, there are several laundry services in town for washing personal clothing if your rental does not have a washer and dryer for guest use.. If someone in your party falls ill, please notify the property manager or homeowner so they can alert the housekeeping staff to take extra precautions when cleaning..


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